Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Don't feel much like posting, but

This cartoon needs to be seen:

That says it all.
I'll write more later, been busy at work and I'm tired.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Random Musings

Sox sweep the Tigers! 3 in a row! The White Sox seem to be coming out of their doldrums. After getting shellacked for the past month, they ran into the Tigers. The Sox have absolutely dominated the Tigers this year, and should they keep it up, I'm sure they can win the Central yet. The Sox have now won 4 in a row, and right now they are killing the Royals. So that will make it 5 in a row. Ever since the Twins swept them, the Sox have been on a tear, winning 12 against 5 losses. The Tigers have gone 9-8 over that same period.

I saw V for Vendetta over the weekend. If you haven't seen it, you should rent it. (Some very low level spoilers may ensue)Besides being a great action movie, it is also a strong object lesson in extremist politics. Basically, in the not so distant future, the world as we know it collapsed. War, famine and disease spread. During this time, the United States collapsed into civil war (the United States, apparently, was a big reason for much of the misery). In England, the chaos that ensued led to the rise of an extreme right wing political party called Norsefire. Preaching the politics of hate and security, a facist dictator came to power. Gays, blacks, immigrants, and others were rounded up into detention facilities (Ann Coulter's dream come true). A virus killed 100,000 people, and the people turned to the facist group for leadership. England survives, but at a great cost. Freedom is destroyed, Facism prevails. After a number of years pass, a lone rebel stands up. He's really a terrorist, but he has the ideals of freedom for the people. Channelling the spirit of a long dead terrorist/freedom fighter/conspirator behind the Gunpowder plot to blow up Parliament, he begins a crusade to dismantle Norsefire and restore Democracy to England. Anyway, its a superb movie. Great script, great action sequences, and very well acted. Hugo Weaving stars as V (He was previously Agent Smith in the Matrix and he was Elrond in the Lord of the Rings.

Finally, how about some comments? Click the little comments icon, and say hi! Or tell me what you think about what I have to say, for better or ill! Or just call me a douchebag and move on. Whatever. I'm starting to get some hits, but no one ever has anything to say. And, you can even click on the ad once in a while to feed some very tiny amounts of money into my pocket.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Lolla pics and a Random 10

Ok, so here are some pics from Lollapalooza: First, 30 Seconds To Mars. If you look at the top of the stage, you can see Jared Leto singing from the top of the rigging:

Next, we have a pic of Wilco. I was sitting pretty far away so you can't really see the stage, but you can see Jeff Tweedy on the video screen (the dude who walked into the pic doesn't help, either):

Last up, a kind of fuzzy pic of Red Hot Chili Peppers. I only had one pic left at this point, so I don't have much else to offer.

So yeah, its a terrible pic. If I can get any better ones, I'll upload those. I need to get a digital camera!

Anyway, Random ten time!

1. Stratford-on-Guy, Liz Phair
2. 18 Wheels of Love. Drive-By Truckers
3. Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Lonely Holiday, Old '97's
5. Exit, U2
6. I Wanna Be Adored, The Stone Roses
7. Surf's Up, Brian Wilson
8. Please Be Kind, Frank Sinatra
9. Spike, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
10. Hallelujah, Rufus Wainwright


Family weekend

Went downstate to visit the family this weekend. It was my niece's birthday party. She is so cute. So, a whole bunch of my family was in town visiting as well. My Grandparents, who just moved to Wisconsin from Virginia, were there. It was really good to see them. I hardly ever see them since they live out in VA. But, now they live in suburban Milwaukee, so it'll be easier to see them more often.

My aunt and uncle and their daughters were in from my hometown as well. Didn't get to visit with them too much.

My Uncle and his 3 kids also came down from suburban Milwaukee. I haven't seen him and the kids in ages. He has 3 daughters and they were all so funny. The oldest one is 12, and she's a really good kid. We played a bunch of frisbee. The other two were 7 and 4. I had a game going with one of them involving "I know you are, but what am I?" and "I'm rubber and you're glue, everything bad bounces off of me and sticks to you". The 4 year old just liked to tell me I'm goofy. Which is true. I like little kids. They are so funny.

I also got to see my little brother Trevor. We watched V for Vendetta (great movie!) and jumped around for a while on the trampoline, and other stuff.

So, trying to keep with all those little kids wore me out! My niece got a bunch of stuff, and it was like her 3rd birthday party. They had 1 at my mom's house, and then 1 at my brother-in-law's parents house.

In other news, I have my lollapalooza pictures back. I'll post a few soon. I have to upload them first.

A lot of my friends are gone through next weekend. They went to Italy, I wish I could have gone but I didn't have the money for the airfare and I don't need to run up any more debt.
I've got to go somewhere though. I need to go out of the country for a few days or weeks. Japan would be great, but its so expensive there. Maybe I can convince someone to go to South America sometime over the winter with me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


People are stupid

I just came across this story on the tribune home page:
Ten to 15 people wearing masks left six 40-gallon trash bags full of taco sauce
packets at a Taco Bell restaurant in what police described as a prank. A note
attached to the bags said the group had been accumulating them for the past
three years, storing them in the trunk of a car, authorities said.
They collected sauce packets from taco bell for 3 years?! Seriously, don't you have something better to do? 6 - 40 gallon bags...240 gallons of sauce? You know, if it was actually funny, instead of stooooooopid, I'd give them props. But just collecting sauce for years and then dropping it off is...umm...lame.

So, if you had 250 gallons of taco bell sauce sitting around, what would you do with it?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



What a fun day.

Ned Lamont
carried the day against that swine Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Primary. Lieberman, for those who don't know, is one of George Bush's biggest enablers in the Senate, standing by the President on his most atrocious policy decisions, from the Iraq Occupation to the Social Security Privatization villainy. He was the first Democrat to break ranks and attack Bill Clinton for getting a blow job. He envisions himself as a centrist bringing people together. What he is, is delusional. The right-wingers who have hijacked our government aren't interested in what's best for the country, only whats best for their base (the supposed 'christians' who vote for them, and the big money corporations and families who bankroll them). And Joe Lieberman thinks that its a compromise to roll over for the Republicans by voting for cloture (to put a vote before the Senate and block a filibuster) on a scumbag like Sam Alito. Guess what Joe? We're on to you and your brethern. Its time to restore the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Now the sleaze intends to run as an independent.

Also, I went to Grant Park tonight to watch American Graffiti, part of the summer outdoor film festival. It was a lot of fun. I met up with a few friends, we drank a few bottles of wine, and watched George Lucas' first movie. I'd never seen American Graffiti before, it was really good. And its so great to sit outside on a pleasant evening like tonight and watch a movie. It was super fun.

Its late now, so I'm off to bed.

Sunday, August 06, 2006



So, I blew off working today (guh...I'm gonna have to make up for that one) and went to Lollapalooza! It was hot and sticky out, I was gross about 10 minutes in, but it was phenomenal! It was so great!

First we saw the Redwalls, who were pretty good, then the Frames, who rocked! After that, it was Nickel Creek, kind of a twangy band. They were ok, but we couldn't hear them very well. After that, it was off to see 30 Seconds to Mars. They were Awesome! Totally rocked. And their lead singer looked really familiar. I had seen him somewhere before. After the show, I found out that he was Jared Leto. He's an actor, he's been in Requiem for a Dream (great movie), Fight Club, amongst others. Click the link for his filmography. Anyway, he was crazy. Running around, spinning, just rocking out. Early in the show, he climbed to the top of the stage rigging, about 30-40 feet in the air and sang. Really awesome. Once my film is developed, I'll post a pic of that.

After that, we saw the Shins, but again, bad sound. So then....Wilco. Oh my lord, it was awesome. I love Wilco. They are so great. So, that was awesome. They played a bunch of songs I love. Of course, they pretty much can't go wrong.

Then Blues Traveler. Nothing special there.

Finally, Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were a helluva lot of fun to watch, but they were mostly playing the new album, so I didn't really know the songs.

So, I went to Lolla with L. It was a lot of fun, seeing her again. But, the other guy is for real. At the end of the night she told me she was meeting her friend and they were going back to her house. So, that sucked. I know she still likes me, she was kind of apologetic about it. But I'm not going to waste my time here. I'll be friends with her, but I'm going to dash any hope of getting another go with her. I think she's kind of conflicted, but I very much doubt she's gonna dump this other guy to give me another chance. Oh well.

I guess I need to keep looking for someone new. I think I'll still see M again, but she doesn't exactly excite me on any significant level.

I'm freaking wiped, so off to bed. More later.

Thursday, August 03, 2006



I went to the Cubs game tuesday night. They actually won. Not only won, but whupped the Diamondbacks. 9-3, if memory serves. Shocking I know.

But the great thing about it was it was a rooftop game. My Dad's company rented out a rooftop, and I got to go along with. Rooftop games are awesome. Plenty of beer and food, all paid for by my Dad's company. I didn't get rip-roaring drunk or anything, but it was pretty great. The view is great from up there.

I had a weird date tonight. Never seemed to break the ice. She seems like a cool girl, but a bit standoff-ish. I think I could have fun with her, but something seemed off, so its probably not worth the trouble of trying to get another date.

I've felt a bit off in general with the dating lately. Nothing seems to go smoothly. I feel like its been a while since I've been at ease with anyone. The last time I felt at ease with anything was briefly with L...and Jenn before that. Huh. Weird. I know, too much information.

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